Emotions Heal the Body

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heal the body with emotion

A woman had been going through chemotherapy for over 10 years…  She would go into remission and then in 6 months be back at the clinic with cancer again….on and off again for 10 years!  I met her at the Hallwang Oncology Clinic in the Black Forest of Germany while she had been in remission for 2 years- the longest she’d been cancer free since it all began.  She returned to the clinic (from her home in Australia) for immunity infusions.  I asked her, “what do you think was different this time?” She replied…

“My last treatment of chemo I finally accepted the condition of my body. I went home and mended all the relationships I had, I forgave people, I let go of anger, I began to accept that my body is sick and I may die. It was only then, that I emotionally detoxed and it’s like my body reacted and became healthier.  I have never felt healthier in my entire life as I do now.”

This got me thinking…

How much do our emotions control the health of our body?

According to Chinese philosophy, ones attitude and ability to express and accept emotions are the key components to healing the body.

The single most important principle for strengthening immunity is an attitude of nonseparation in one’s personal life… When separation is felt between people, it is often because of unresolved emotional issues.  This can be changed through sincere forgiveness followed by unconditional gratitude for everything that happens and has happened. – Paul Pitchford

Wait… how does that affect the body?  

Emotions come first, then nutrition and fitness.  Until emotional issues are underway, ones diet and lifestyle changes will only support old, unresolved patterns.

Getting rid of of old resentments clears the liver of obstructions, which in turn permits the smooth and vigorous circulation of protective and other qi energies.  The cliche that we hurt only ourselves with anger is in fact a physiological truth.  (Traditional Chinese Physiology)

Let me break it down…

Emotion Stored in Organ To correct imbalance
Anger and impatience Liver Patience
Worry, stress and anxiety Intestines/digestive tract Giving
Grief and melancholy Lungs Vigor (enthusiasm)
Fear and fright Kidneys Keeping moral precepts


Emotional healing comes by awareness and gaining perspective, as if to gaze at them (current emotion) and say “Now I am angry but its simply a breeze wafting through me.”  As Albert Einstein suggested…”one cannot easily solve a difficult problem at the level of the problem.”  In other words, when you experience an emotion, observe it and balance it, that way you can avoid toxic build up that gets stored in your physical body.

Remedies for Clearing Emotional Turmoil

Awareness practices that quiet the mind (Silent contemplation, meditation, self reflection…)

Emotional turmoil (Stuck habits, depression, anxiety, panic, fear, worry, grief, insecurity, anger, resentments, addictive attachments to people, food, drugs, alcohol…)

Biologic healing (With exercise, yoga, qi gong, tai ji, appropriate whole foods, herbal therapy, acupoints…)

So…How can you actually use this?

Suggestions for Building and Maintaining Immunity

  1.  Activity: Regular exercise and active relaxation.  Lack of physical action, excess sexual activity, and overwork impair immunity.
  2. Nutrition: Eat whole foods with a variety from grain and vegetables while limiting meat and dairy.  Simple food combinations and moderate undereating strengthen immunity.  Don’t eat late at night.  Avoid intoxicants (alcohol, tobacco, drugs), refined or chemically contaminated foods, and rancid nuts and seeds.
  3. Environment: Maintain pleasant living with supportive people.  Sunlight, clean, fresh air and pure water strengthen immunity.
  4. Attitude:  This is the foundation for immunity; gratitude and forgiveness are preliminary steps.  Spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, and visualization support the experience of continual renewal.

I love learning more about this topic, so please comment below if you have any resources or suggested readings! 🙂

Some text in this article comes from: Healing with Whole Foods, Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition – Paul Pitchford, third edition 

I’m currently working on a coffee table style photo book about cancer, nutrition, and body appreciation, here is a link to watch a video about it.

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