Spring Cleaning 3-Day Detox

3-Days to a fresh start. Detox and clean out body for more energy, clear mind, eyes and skin.

Emotions Heal the Body

A woman had been going through chemotherapy for over 10 years…  She would go into remission and then in 6 months be back at the clinic with cancer again….on and off again for 10 years!  I met her at the Hallwang Oncology Clinic in the Black Forest of Germany while she had been in remission [...]

How Sleep Can Save Your Life

The number one solution to improve your health... Sleep. QUALITY sleep, that is. What did you eat today? Did you have coffee?  At what time? Did you workout? Are you under mental pressure? Are you stressed?  How many hours do you spend in front of your phone or laptop before bed? How dark is your bedroom? [...]

The Women of Sofia

MOMA.  In Bulgarian it means “unmarried young girl."  An obsession in the world, is to look young. So we scrub, wax, extend, lift, inject, implant, remove, sew, brighten, color, take pills, starve, behave and smile. The obsession of how we look is robbing us of how we feel.  I believe the real beauty of young womanhood [...]

It’s all about LOVE

Come together one and all... it's time to feast! Gursha is about bringing community and health back to the table. To complete ones own health, we must build and create relationships that promote a healthy and happy environment. It’s Gursha to nourish others through healthy meals. Gursha is about bringing community and health back to [...]

Solution for Happiness

  "Can I interest you in some Nipples of Venus?”   Her simple gesture of offering divine goodness from her Chocolatier, Vianne, from the movie Chocolat (2000) was the pristine  example of a Gursha giver. The woman dressed in red moved into a grey, bland, and spiritually cold countryside village of France.  She came with [...]

10 Anthony Bourdain Quotes That Will Inspire You to be You

10 Anthony Bourdain Quotes That Will Inspire You to be You Some people surprise you. Even if you believed they live a life rich with experience, you come to see their true struggle when they take their own life. Facing this reality snaps you out of your comfortable world view, takes your assumptions and your [...]

6 Ways to Get Out of your Funk

We’ve all been there… “Im just in a funk…” What the “funk” is that excuse? I’ll admit, I have said that numerous times before, but when it comes down to it…its a level of laziness. It’s when you would rather not put on your “kick-ass” boots to take care of your health and instead make [...]

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