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I grew up in Oregon and finished school with a degree in Dietetics (nutrition). My interest in nutrition stemmed from being a collegiate soccer player where I noticed how much food affected performance. This fascination grew into my research of not only nutrition but also toxicity and how food, pollution, emotions, and more can affect the body’s functionality.

I hopped around the Bay Area in California doing several public health events including seminars, fitness events around Lake Merritt in Oakland, teaching cooking classes in the women’s prison, private consulting, creating corporate wellness programs, and teaching families how to cook and incorporate nutrition together.

I then took on a project in London and Germany that opened my interest in cancer and detoxing the body. What I found most intriguing was the emotional toxicity we can accumulate if not recognized and dealt with appropriately.

This inspired a book that I wrote and is in the process of fundraising to get published: A coffee-table style photo book about nutrition, emotional & cancer detox, and body appreciation.



I decided to utilize my athletic background and become certified as a Personal Trainer. I have found great joy in pushing people beyond what they believed they could do. I continue to work with individuals in fitness, nutrition, home detox plans, cooking, hosting educational dinners, and more.

I spent the year of 2017 traveling the world: Iceland, Germany, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Israel, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia and Fiji…this involved a motorcycle trip through the back roads of Vietnam from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh. Aside from meeting wonderful people and tasting incredible foods, I appreciated other cultures sense of family more than anything. I was saddened to think of how much my country lacks connection and trust in one another.  I am to bring us back to the table.



I dream to continue to travel the world and help unite people through health. One day I will land in a place that allows me to ride my bike around town, know all the local farmers, bakers, chefs, and everyone in the town loves life. The creation of community becomes my family. I dream….I know….but that’s what keeps me going.

Lela Mansfield




Behind the scenes of my Nutrition Book

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