After finishing school with a degree in Dietetics (nutrition), my interest in nutrition grew into a fascination about how food, pollution, emotions, and more can affect the body’s functionality.

I’ve taught seminars, cooking classes, hosted fitness events, one-on-one consulting, and created corporate wellness programs, which has exposed me to an array of challenges and concerns people face around their health.

A project in London and Germany opened my interest in cancer and detoxing the body of emotional toxicity to heal the body.  This inspired a book that I put together and is in the process of fundraising to get published: A coffee-table style photo book about nutrition, emotional detox, and body appreciation.



I decided to utilize my athletic background to become certified as a Personal Trainer (ACE 2015). The joy in seeing people succeed in personal health is priceless. I continue to work with individuals in fitness, nutrition, home detoxing, cooking, hosting educational dinners, and more.

In 2017 I traveled the world and met wonderful people, tasted incredible foods, and learned a new sense of what family means.  Family is not just blood, but who you invest in, by learning and trusting, hence my motivation to bring people back to the table for nutritious foods and conversation.



I aspire to grow communities around health and family by educating and uniting people of all cultures, backgrounds, religions, beliefs, you name it.  Please join me in taking care of ourselves so we can care for others.

Lela Aylin




Behind the scenes of my Nutrition Book

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