6 Ways to Get Out of your Funk

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We’ve all been there…

“Im just in a funk…” What the “funk” is that excuse? I’ll admit, I have said that numerous times before, but when it comes down to it…its a level of laziness. It’s when you would rather not put on your “kick-ass” boots to take care of your health and instead make an excuse why you shouldn’t…cause we all know exercising and eating healthy is whats best for us.

So whether your “funk” is a bad attitude, a void of going to the gym , or ending each night with some beers and chicken wings, its time you snap yourself out of it and take action on your health. ARE YOU A VICTIM OR ARE YOU TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE?

Here’s how I think you can reactivate your fire…

#1. Connect with your body: lay on the floor on your back…run through your body and focus on every point…check in with it. Are your eyebrowsrelaxed? Is your tongue and jaw relaxed? Are your shoulders relaxing to the ground? Is your breath completely filling your lungs? Contract your abs and push your low back to the ground…then release. Shake out your legs and let them fall in whatever way is natural for them. NOW BREATH! Focus on what it looks like outside of your funk and reenergize!

#2. Workout: Take the energy out of your thoughts and bring awareness to your lower body. Do weighted squats, walking lunges, jumping jacks, run stairs, shoot…..dance!! Elevate your heart rate and raise your temperature. It shifts your energy in tremendous ways…

#3. Go on a hike or find some new music: Shift your daily routine, escape from the world a little bit, be happy in solitude, do whatever is “your thing” (painting, exploring new music, take a dog for a walk, whatever!), but do it whole heartedly and alone. Find your personal happiness and focus.

#4. Eat a light dinner: No meat, no dairy, nothing after 8pm. Take a warm shower or bath, get a GOOD nights sleep to recover your system. When you wake up, drink warm lemon water, don’t eat again till absolutely hungry, and make it a plant-based meal (later in day you can go back to meat and/or dairy if that is your preference). MAKE A CONSCIOUS DECISION to control your day.

#5. Smile more than usual: MAKE A CONSCIOUS DECISION to control your day. Workout a little harder than usual, eat more clean than usual, make other people laugh today…it will bring you a lot of joy and energy.

#6. Make amends: Call up anyone you may have had a tiff with. Forgive those that have hurt you, apologize to anyone that you need to, call someone up just to tell them you love them. Our relationships are extremely important to our wellbeing. Holding negative feelings only hurts yourself. Let them go.

Now go out there and tackle this day!!!

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