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It takes a village…

What is Gursha?

There is a way of showing your love for another person…it’s called Gursha.

One prepares a bite of food, as practiced in ethiopia with injera, and feeds a loved one by hand. It’d be rude not to accept the bite, for it is a blessing from one person to the next stating “I care about you and I want to nourish you.”

it’s Gursha – to nourish and love through health.

Behind It’s Gursha

In trying times… our health is most important.

Through nutrition, fitness and willful relaxation, we improve ALL areas of our lives.  Serving populations ranging from schools, prisons, corporations to high profile individuals, we believe that our emotions play a MAJOR role in our physical health. It is the mission of it’s Gursha to make “healthy” as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.  Whether you feel a little hesitant to start or you are ready for a full on life change, we meet you where you’re at.

Let us know how you wish to improve your health.  We’re ready to listen.

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“Nutrition, fitness, and good conversation.  Let’s take care of ourselves so we can care for others.”


Get a personalized nutrition/fitness plan and meet with a Certified Nutrition Specialist / Fitness Trainer or take a Nutrition Class and/or Webinar.

certified nutrition specialist

Personal Nutritionist

.Change your mind and your body will follow.

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Fitness Trainer

Change is not easy, but it’s easier when you have someone to do it with.

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Classes about health

Nutrition Classes

Nutrition and health courses and webinars.

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Client Testimonials

Holistic certified nutrition specialist

Lela is an amazing nutritionist and person! I would highly recommend working with her if you want to take care of yourself in a powerful nourishing way. She is filled with knowledge and expertise and makes cooking and eating well seem simple and intuitive. Her kindness, strength, and humility as well as her worldliness make her such a pleasure to work with and learn from!

Z.E. Santa Cruz, CA

Holistic certified nutrition specialistLela is amazing, she made a specific meal plan that not just fits my lifestyle but that I truly enjoy.  I appreciate her holistic approach as she cares about the emotional side of my fitness journey as well.  From the beginning I didn’t feel like she was trying to sell me anything or giving me unrealistic expectations of what I could accomplish.  Lela is definitely the guidance I needed when it comes to nutrition and fitness.  When someone is truly passionate about their career it shows!

H. M. North Hollywood

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